Almost 50 years have passed since the founding of “Heilmeier & Weinlein Fabrik für Oelhydraulik GmbH & Co. KG” which is better known today as “HAWE Hydraulik”. Innovative ideas, high product quality and a lot of enthusiasm has contributed to HAWE’s steady growth. HAWE has more than 1000 employees, a worldwide sales network with sales offices in Germany, four HAWE subsidiaries and more than 30 representatives international.

The product range has been widened continuously over the years, covering standard valves e.g. pressure valves etc. as well as many products tailored for special purposes such as pre-fill valves, lifting/lowering valves etc. There are three distinguishing features that make HAWE products unique in the fluid power industry : All HAWE products are developed based on the HAWE modular design concept, i.e. components and manifold circuits can be combined simply with other HAWE products to form additional control functions at minimal cost. Secondly, all pressurized parts are made of steel.

And finally, all products are produced by German craftsmen to ISO 9001 quality standards. This Product Overview is intended to give you a summary of the general capabilities of the variety of pumps, valves and other equipment manufactured by HAWE. This publication is supplemented with additional product specific pamphlets, all containing detailed technical specifications as well as “how to order” information.

The technical information contained in these pamphlets is substantial and include guarantee and warrantee details. These pamphlets may be ordered from your local HAWE sales representative or directly from HAWE in Munich. All of our HAWE sales representatives as well as our Technical Information Department in Munich, Germany will be also pleased to assist you with your specific circuit design as well as help you select the most functional and cost effective HAWE product for your application.

It is our understanding to be Your partner for all hydraulic related problems and to give You all from planning assistance till after sales service.

1 Compact hydraulic power packs

Turn-key solutions from our modular system

Miniature hydraulic power packs type FP

Compact hydraulic power packs type HC

Hydraulic power packs type MP

Compact hydraulic power packs type HK

Connection blocks type A, B and C

2 Standard pumps and power packs

Radial piston pumps type R

3 Dual stage pump

Dual stage pumps type RZ

4 Air driven hydraulic pumps

Air driven hydraulic pumps type LP

5 Hand pumps

Hand pumps type H

6 Directional spool valves

Directional spool valves type SG and SP

Directional spool valves type SKP and SKH

Directional spool valves type SW, SWR and SWP

Directional spool valves type HSR, HSF and HSL

Manually actuated directional spool valves type DL

Prop. Directional spool valve type PSL and PSV

7 Directional seated valves

Directional seated valves with various actuations

Directional seated valves bank type VB

Directional seated valves type WN and WH

Direct. Seated valve bank type BWH and BWN

Directional seated valves type VZP

Directional seated valve bank type BVZP

2/2-way screw-in seated valves type EM

Directional seated valves type BVG and BVP

Lifting/lowering valves type HSV

Switch units (press control valves) type CR

Directional seated valves type VH, VHR and VHP

Shut-off valves type DA and EA

8 Pressure valves

Directly controlled pressure limiting valves and type MV, SV etc.

Pressure limiting valves type CMV and CSV

Piloted Pressure limiting valves type DV, AS etc.

Sequence valves with check valve type VR

Proportional pressure limiting valves type PMV and PDV

Miniature pressure reducing valves type ADC, AM etc.

Pressure reducing valves type ADM and VDM

Pressure reducing valves type CDK

Miniature proportional pressure reducing valves type PM

Proportional pressure reducing valves type PDM

Circulation valve type CNE 2

Two stage valves type NE

Shut-off valves type LV and ALZ

Pressure controlled shut-off valves type DSV and CDSV

Load holding valves type LHK and LHDV

9 Metering valves

Flow control valves type SF, SD, SK and SU

2-way flow control valves type SB, SQ and SJ

Flow control valves type SE and SHE with electro-proportional actuation

Flow dividers type TQ and TV

Orifices and restrictor check valves type EB, BE and BC

Throttles type Q, QR, QV and FG

Throttles and restrictor check valves type ED and RD

Throttle and shut-off valves type AV, AVT and CAV

10 Check valves

Check valves type RK/RB, RC, RE and ER

Check valves type CRK and CRB

Check valves type B

Screw-in check valves with hydraulic release type CRH and RHC

Check valves with hydraulic release type HRP

Check valves with release type RH and DRH

Check valves and pre-fill valves type F

Line rupture safety valves type LB

Shuttle valves type WV and WVC

11 Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulic clamps type HSE and HAS

Hydraulic cylinders type BZ, P, PF and PS

12 Hydraulic accessories

Pressure switches type DG

Hydraulic miniature accumulators type AC

Hydraulic accessories

13 Electronics

Electronic accessory components  

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